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Keeping Your Holiday Road Trip Safe with AAA

Sponsored By: AAA Car Care Centers

It is the 15year anniversary for AAA Car Care Center in the city of Hampton!

Kyle Loftus, a manager at the AAA Car Care Center Bridge Road Suffolk, joins us  to share some great specials they have during their anniversary, along with some very important safety tips to help keep us safe during our holiday drives.

Testing your battery is one of the first things Kyle recommends before heading to colder climates. 

Also, making sure your tire pressure is correct and the tread is not too warn is very important.   

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And while they are not part of the engine, faulty wiper blades can have disastrous results.  Don’t wait until it’s raining or snowing, when it’s too late, to check and if necessary change out those blades.

When in doubt about your car’s safety, make sure to call AAA Car Care Center!

AAA Tidewater Virginia was founded in 1913 by a group of individuals to advocate for more and better roads and improved safety.

Today, AAA is best known for providing emergency roadside assistance nationwide. In 2003, we opened our first full-service automotive repair AAA Car Care Center .

AAA Car Care Centers provide automotive repair & maintenance.

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