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It’s Fun to Play at the YMCA!

Sponsored by the YMCA of South Hampton Roads

It’s a brand new year and like many others, host Quincy is trying to get his health and fitness goals on track! He visited the Blocker Norfolk Family YMCA and spoke to Julie Crowley, their Vice President of Membership Success to get the inside scoop. 

Six Floors of Fun!

The Blocker Norfolk Family YMCA is one of the oldest locations in Hampton Roads, but that doesn’t mean it is lacking! It is six full floors of fitness, swimming, racquetball and more to help your family meet all your fitness goals. 

YMCA South Hampton Roads

Something for Literally Everyone

There are 21 YMCA locations in South Hampton Roads, 18 of which have 24 hour access! There really is something for everyone- as Julie explains that they have programming from children as young as six weeks old, and all the way up to programs for people in their nineties. 

YMCA South Hampton Roads

If you’re a parent who wants to work out but doesn’t have a sitter at home, the Y is the perfect place for you. You can drop your children off for up to 2 hours while you work out! 


The Y is a membership based organization, and they have different packages to fit anyone’s budget. Right now, the YMCA is waiving their one time joining fee, as well as offering two free personal trainer sessions with each new membership. 

The YMCA is a nonprofit organization that raises money throughout the year to provide families with financial assistance, who may not be able to afford the membership fees. 

YMCA South Hampton Roads

The Y has everything from gym equipment, to a variety of group classes which are included in membership. There really is something for everyone at the YMCA! 

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