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Enjoy the Next Beer Dinner at New Realm

Sponsored by New Realm Brewing Company

The Beer Dinner

Our friend Patrick Evans-Hylton from Virginia Eats and Drinks visits one of his favorite places, New Realm Brewing Company on this episode of Living 757! He is super excited because he is there to learn all about one of their upcoming events, a beer dinner taking place on January 10th.

The Eats

Steve Hevey, New Realm’s Sous-Chef, joins Patrick and they give us the inside scoop about Beef Wellington. It’s a steak inside a puff pastry, with prosciutto, and a duxelles made of portobello mushrooms, thyme, basil, salt and pepper!

In addition to the mouth-watering beef Wellington, some other dishes will be on the menu for New Realm Brewing Company’s Beer Dinner January 10:

-Frisee Salad with pear, blue cheese and a homemade cranberry vinaigrette

-Butternut Squash with coconut, turmeric and cinnamon

-Stone Fruit Plum Cheesecake

Chef Steve shows us how to make the Beef Wellington, and boy- you don’t want to miss it! For the main course, the Beef Wellington is served with truffle mashed potatoes with brie and honey roasted carrots. 

The Drinks

According to Patrick, you can’t have good eats without good drinks! So on to the beers! New Realm Brewing Company’s Head Brewer Brian Faivre joins Patrick to tell us about the brews. 

To go with the salad, a double IPA called El Juicycabra that has intense tropical notes and stone fruit aroma. For the butternut squash, they will serve The Commissioner- a Belgian-Style golden ale that will compliment the dish perfectly! For the main event, New Realm’s Munich Dunkel is paired with the Beef Wellington. Last but not least with the dessert course, New Realm’s Sour Eclipse. It’s got a tart flavor with a lot of raspberries in it, to perfectly match the cheesecake! 

The Details

Make sure you check out New Realm Brewing Company’s website and Facebook page for more information, since reservations are required to attend! 

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