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Fly Through NYC at the Virginia Air & Space Science Center

Sponsored By: Virginia Air & Space Science Center

Patricia can’t keep away from the Virginia Air & Space Science Center, and we can’t blame her.  With all of the new renovations and changes there is so much to see and experience.

Her first stop is the  Space Explorer Gallery, where most of the renovations were made.  In this gallery you explore the solar system and even bend light.  There are so many activities that kids and adults alike will love.

Next, Patricia steps inside the fuselage of  a DC-9 from the 1970’s.  This step back though time comes with a baggage simulation so you can even learn about the journey of your suitcase when you travel.  Two new flight simulators, some of the jewels of their renovations, will feature flights that allow you to steer through skyline of New York City.

Her third stop, the SMALL lab (Situated Multi-Media Arts Learning Lab), is where kids of all ages can have fun interacting with computers and learning through movement.  Using their bodies as tools in this area really helps kids realize how much fun learning can be.

With so much more to explore, we know that Patricia will definitely be back to the Virginia Air and Space Science Center.

If you are looking for places to take your family for a great day of fun and learning, make sure to put the Virginia Air & Space Science Center at the top of your list!



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See what happens when Destination Virginia visits the Virginia Air & Space Science Center.

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