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Fish In the Water: Water Mitigation

Sponsored by Jenkins Restorations

Living 757 brings you another “Fish Out Of Water” segment, where we send Ashley into situations she wouldn’t normally be in to see how she does! The task at hand? Water mitigation!

Water mitigation

This time, Ashley finds herself at Jenkins Restorations. They are a full service company that provides fast emergency services 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. They are the first ones on scene after you’ve had a pipe burst, there’s been a fire, or you have experienced storm damage. 

Water mitigation

A quick response time is imperative when there is water involved, to prevent further damage to your property from happening! Preventing further damage is also known as mitigation. 

Water mitigation

On this Fish Out of Water segment, our friends at Jenkins Restorations flooded their own conference room- so they can teach Ashley about water mitigation and clean up! 

What all goes into determining what all needs to be cleaned and dried? How do you know if the water has traveled through walls or into other rooms?

Water mitigation

Do you think she has what it takes? Watch and find out!

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