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Check Out What’s New at the Virginia Air & Space Science Center

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Patricia heads back to the Virginia Air & Space Science Center to see all of the changes they have made.  In order to broaden their appeal, they began with changing their name. 

Formerly, the Virginia Air & Space Center, they have added Science to their name to help showcase the vast scope of the center.

The new Space Explorer Gallery allows parents and children to explore and play together.  They can build communities on Mars, find out their weight on different worlds and really explore the solar system. 

Gaming techniques were part of the basis of this incredible transformation helping to make this a very interactive, and hands on experience.

The Virginia Air & Space Science Center welcomes traveling exhibits such as the Robot Zoo which is currently on display for the summer of 2021.  Since these exhibits do change, make sure to check their website to see what is on display when you are ready to visit.

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One of the many changes you will find  is a renovation to their IMAX theater.  A brand new 8-story screen gives clearer definition of the films, and you can enjoy the films in the new, comfortable seating.  Here’s a new bonus -now the IMAX films are included in the price of admission. How’s that for a great change?!


There are so many exciting things to see and experience at the Virginia Air and Space Science Center that it should definitely be a “Must” on your list of places to visit. 

Your kids (even if that just means your “inner child”) will love it and so will you.

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