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Celebrate Safety and 811 Day at a Tides Game

Sponsored By: Virginia 811

Quincy heads out to Harbor Park with Nikki Turpin from Virginia 811 to hear all about their annual celebration of 811 day.  Of course, it’s no coincidence that 811 Day falls on August 11.

The great folks at Virginia 811 really want to spread awareness of safe excavation, and what better way to spread the word than and a baseball game.

During the Tides game, they will be out with some of their stake holders and Virginia Natural Gas and Columbia Gas handing out goodies and spreading the word about safe digging.


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New call-to-actionCheck out their video boards doing pitching changes and you will see more information about Virginia 811 digging safety.

After getting this great information, Quincy challenges Rip Tide to a relay race… who won. Watch and see!!

Make sure to grab you tickets to some great Tides games, for a fun, family day or night out.  But most importantly, before digging, be safe and  call Virginia 811, so you will Know What’s Below!

For More information: https://va811.com/

Facebook: VA811

Instagram: 811ofva/

Twitter: va_811

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