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Celebrate 811 Day with Virginia 811

Sponsored By: Virginia 811

Living 757 celebrates National Digging Day which falls on August 11.  Nikki Turpin, with Virginia 811, joins Ashley, Quincy and Patricia to remind us how important it is to know before you dig.

A quick call to Virginia 811 is all you need to do to SAFELY get started with your gardening, landscaping, swimming pool plans or whatever it is that will have you digging outside.

Another option is to create a single address ticket on Va811.com.  You can actually pull up your address and add little trees or a garden or mailbox etc to let them know exactly where you will be digging.

Once the ticket is created, it will take about 3 working days to get it cleared, so keep holidays and weekends in mind when you are making your plans.

You may think that just shallow digging is safe, but you don’t really know how deep utility lines are laid.  So, please be safe and call Virginia 811 before you start.

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Now back to the celebration:  Va811 is sponsoring a video contest with a $811 to be awarded on, you got it, 8/11 (August 11). 

Virginia 811 is also doing a virtual 5k Run/Walk or a virtual  8.11 mile Run/Walk, a fun raiser for Construction Angles, that gives back to families who have lost loved ones in construction accidents.  You can register for these on their website where you can also purchase a t-shirt for, you guessed it $8.11.

For More information: https://va811.com/

Facebook: VA811

Instagram: 811ofva/

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