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Buckle Up for Safety with the DMV

Sponsored By: Virginia Department of Motor Vehicles

Cornelius Peele, a Portsmouth firefighter and EMT-Advanced, joins the show to discuss the importance of wearing your seatbelt.

He is partnering with the DMV to spread the word on how important it is to wear your seat belt.  This potentially life-saving tool is often neglected -especially by back riders.


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Buckling up is not only the responsibility of the rider.  If you are driving anyone, it is important as the driver to remind all passengers and ensure they are wearing their seatbelt.  Should anything happen, in Virginia, the responsibility for an unbuckled passenger, falls to the driver.

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Accidents are exactly that -accidents.  At any time, an unexpected incident can occur so it is very important to be prepared and buckle up.

So whether you are doing it to keep yourself safe, or you are doing it for your loved ones, please buckle up!  And remember, front seat riders and drivers….Click it or Ticket.

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