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Bad Guys Beware -these K9 Cops are Hot on Your Trail

Sponsored By: Invisible Fence Brand of Hampton Roads

This edition of Pet Corner is brought to you by Invisible Fence Brand of Hampton Roads.

On this Pet Corner, we get to visit with some very special officers, patrol dogs.

A patrol dog is considered a force multiplier, as its ability to quickly cover large search areas  coupled with its ability to detect drugs and other things based on scent alone far surpasses its human counterparts.

The Gloucester County Sheriff’s needed a  K9 unit and was able to get one through a grant, with K9s for Cops.  K9s for Cops is a grant corporation located in Texas that donates dogs to law enforcement agencies.

But how good really is the scent-tracking abilities of these dogs?  We watch one of their K-9 patrol dogs,  track a “lost” person.  How did he do?  Watch and see!

New call-to-actionAlthough ours might not work as hard as these K9 patrol dogs, we all love our pets and do our best to keep them safe.  For information on Invisible Fence’s cutting-edge solutions to your furry friends’ needs, make sure to contact them at (757) 595-5657, or check out their website www.invisiblefence.com

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