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Avoiding Danger While on the Road

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Hampton Roads is notorious for having traffic “issues,” especially when trying to get from one city to another during rush hour times. Naturally, more traffic means more car accidents. So our friend John Paulson from Huffman and Huffman joined the Living 757 crew to break down the dangers of driving in Hampton Roads. 

Huffman and Huffman

Where the Most Danger Lies

In terms of fatalities, the City of Virginia Beach ranks at the top- but the other cities aren’t too far behind! 

Huffman and Huffman

John tells us that when we are talking about accidents in general, the Hampton Roads Bridge Tunnel takes the number one spot for most crashes! There’s also an intersection called “Five Points” in Norfolk that confuses drivers, and tends to cause crashes. 

Huffman and Huffman

Defensive Driving

In order to be a more defensive driver, John tells us the most important things to remember: 

  • Put your phone down when behind the wheel
  • Minimize distractions
  • Keep a close eye on your blind spots
  • Keep a safe distance in between you and the car in front of you

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