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A Great Team is Key After a Lung Cancer Diagnosis

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Gary Roberts is a former smoker, who is now a patient of Riverside. He smoked for almost 20 years of his life, and ever since he stopped he gets a yearly X-ray to ensure that his lungs are healthy. 

Gary Roberts

During one of Gary’s routine yearly X-rays, they found a spot and decided to get it biopsied to see what it was. His doctors learned via biopsy and a CT Scan that it was in fact cancer.

Lung cancer diagnosis

Gary was on chemotherapy for a little over a year, and the spot in his lungs had shrunk, but it hadn’t gone away. To Gary and the doctors dismay, other tumors also popped up. 

That’s when Gary met Doctor Ronald Kersh, a radiation oncologist at Riverside. When they met, Gary had stage 4 lung cancer, and had a tumor pop up in his spine. Dr. Kersh says that usually a patient with this diagnosis has about 6-7 months left to live. 

The doctor treated Gary over a variety of areas with over 30 treatments, and over 2 and a half years later- Gary is still living with a good quality of life. But his story isn’t over, Dr. Kersh discovered another tumor- this time in Gary’s Brain.

Neurosurgeon William McAllister IV says that radio surgery is the safest way to treat Gary, because it doesn’t harm any healthy brain tissue- just the tumor that we are trying to eliminate. 

What really sets Riverside apart from other health systems, is the fact that they really act as a team and a family. All of Gary’s healthcare practitioners are in constant communication about what he needs, and in agreeable about his treatment plan. 



Gary says his team of doctors and nurses are like his family. 

Make sure you contact Riverside for all of your healthcare needs, and let their family help your family. 

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