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Find out the Secret to Why Tourists & Locals Love Whitner’s Barbeque

When you are family owned and known for in-house hickory smoked meats, you know you will be a popular choice among the locals as well as tourists. “We put in all of the focus on just getting the food right….on just getting the service right……what the goal was, is just to be an old-fashioned barbeque place….with authentic pit smoked barbeque and homemade sides” says Warren Rogers, owner of Whitner’s Barbeque.

Throughout the episode, you will learn the specifics of how and why it’s done the way it is at Whitner’s. Another segment takes you horseback riding on the VA Beach oceanfront and then you can go whale-watching in a later segment. Learn about your local area or an area you might want to visit. All of it is offered in this episode of Destination Virginia.