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Your Creative Guide to Fun Spring DIY Home Decor

It’s time to think SPRING and that means a healthy dose of flowers to go along with it. Check out this easy guide to all things SPRING do-it-yourself home decor!

Garden Hose Wreath

The easiest way to spruce up your home is to give your front door some love with this Garden Hose Wreath! Buy a 4-foot garden hose, or just use an old one you already have, coil it up and add flowers and a bow and you are ready to go. Your entryway never looked so inviting. Hello spring!

Garden Hose Spring Wreath

Mason Jar Floral Centerpiece

An easy way to add more flowers to your home is with this Mason jar floral display. Paint a mason jar, then glue on a foam ball and insert the stems. This will give a pop of color to brighten up any room.

Mason Jar Florals

Letters in Bloom

Another great tip to create personalized spring DIY decor is to take oversized boring letters to in-bloom initials…. glue faux flowers into cardboard letters. This makes a great home-office decoration too!

Mason Jar Florals

Spring Sign

This frame sign says it all. All you do glue mini frames together, add fancy card stock with printed letters to spell SPRING! You can personalize it too using a family name, or another word like love or flowers or blooms or bunnies.

Mason Jar Florals

Easter Bunny Canvas Art

We associate spring with Easter, so get the kids involved with this craftastic idea. Just cut out a Bunny silhouette, paint a blank canvas with your fav springtime color and add some embellishments! You can have the kids make one for their rooms.

Mason Jar Florals

Bottoms Up Bunny Decor

And keeping with the bunny theme, these little rascals took at dive right into the flowerpot. To make this clever project, just wrap a foam ball with fuzzy fabric, add felt feet, and a cottontail… and it’s bottoms up on a cute spring display.

Bunnies in a flower pot spring display

Floating Tea Cup

Just like magic, you can create this stunning centerpiece for your next spring-fling. To create the illusion, the secret using a fork to suspend the tea cup by bending it, then gluing it to the cup and saucer, add flower embellishments and you’ve got yourself an artful masterpiece.

Floating Tea Cup

Floral Wall Tapestry

And finally, everything comes alive in the spring and your wall art should too! Create a whimsical wall tapestry by using fabric flowers, yarn and pretty buttons. No watering needed for this spring-inspired project.

Floral Wall Tapestry

There you have it, your DIY guide to spring home decor. It’s easy, satisfying and fun when you make it yourself.