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Bling up your New Year: 6 Easy ways to make last year’s stuff new again!

With the New Year here it seems everyone wants to start out fresh but that doesn’t mean you have to go out and buy all new stuff. Get creative and add some bling to what you already have and make it new to you again.

It’s a great activity for cold winter days and fun to do with kids too. And, by the way, it’s a super thrilling accomplishment when you do-it-yourself!

What do you need? Gem and jewelry glue, gemstones, fabric scraps, fancy card stock, old frames, shoes, purses, wine glasses, sweaters, coffee mugs, mirrors… the list is endless! Flat back cabochons can be found at any craft store but let’s not get crazy, you don’t even have to buy gemstones, you can use broken CDs or buttons or costume jewelry.

Top Tip:

Make sure the surface is free of dust or any dirty old goop that may have accumulated over the years. So do a quick wipe off with a soft cloth. Figure out what gems you want to use and how you want to lay them on the item….and start glueing! If you are using CDs, they are easy to cut with a scissors and fun like puzzle to place on the frame or other item you are embellishing.

Updated Item #1 FRAMES:

Those sleepy frames can get vibrant with the addition of buttons or gems added around the edges, or for a more contemporary look glue on some broken CDs.

Updated Item #2: Wine Glasses

Your favorite wine glass can get a new look! Just glue flat back gemstones on and it’s bottoms up all year around.

Updated Item #3: Shoes

Even the comfy shoes you love can take on new life with the addition of some gems or jewels. Note, be sure to use a strong adhesive to attach the embellishment for long lasting wear.

Bling up your shoes with costume jewelry

Updated Item #4: Journals

Instead of buying a new journal just give your old one an update using the fancy card stock you already have in your crafty stash. Tack it down to the front cover of that notebook using spray glue or a the Xyron Creative station.

How to cover a journal cover blog post

Updated Item #5: Refrigerator Magnet

The refrigerator magnet with your favorite sports team’s schedule on it can be repurposed into a chalkboard magnet. Stick on chalkboard tape or fabric, glue on some bling and slap it on the fridge. Now everyone can write a quick note!

Making a personalized chalkboard coffee cup

Updated Item #6: Clothes

Finally, don’t throw out that old sweater just add some fancy fabric to the elbows to give it an updated look.

Updating an old flannel

Or add zippers to an old shirt in an interesting design for fashion fix.

Adding zipper to t-shirts

Everything needs a little refresh from time to time and with the New Year here, these simple ideas, and a little inspiration, you can add some Bling to 2019.

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