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2020 The Year of You?


Right about this time every year, many of us find ourselves at a crossroads.  We seem to be parked at the intersection of Good Intentions and Off the Rails Road.  While we had a plan to get healthy, by the end of January, we find ourselves swearing off resolutions on the fast train to “I quit.”

In this month’s episode of Creative Living our look at “New Year New You” explores how a new fitness tool and a few simple tips might be the perfect solution for your resolution regret.

If you find yourself asking, “Alexa what’s for dinner?” You are well on your way to a smart home, but have you thought about a smart life? We’ll take you to Virginia to explore new technology that will help you save time and money.  From feeding the dog to bedtime stories at your fingertips, “SmartLife 3.0” reveals the future is now.

As we roll into January do you find yourself feeling that “holiday hangover?”  Sometimes having someone to talk on our time and based on our schedule can make all the difference.  LifeLine PCS may offer you the perspective you need to get things back on track in 2020.

New to you again!  Host Jane Monzures shows you how to take things you have and give them new life in “Bling New Year.”

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