Back to School Supplies and More

Whether you are 5 or 55, Back to School sales definitely bring back memories or provoke new ones.  From a brand new box of crayons to a new notebook, these are things that get the new year off to a great start.  Teachers often provide some of the basics for the classroom and many do so out of their own pocket.  An organization here in Arizona helps teachers with items they need at no charge.  Lets check in with Treasures 4 Teachers.

Not only do teachers and students need back to school items they also need technology.  Now more than ever, computers and laptops are needed for the classroom and at home.  Here’s a local school district helping their students get started on the path to technology.

We go now to educating the job seeker on new opportunities in health care.  Let’s take a look at what HonorHealth is doing in the recruitment of new employees.

Award-winning service is what this next corporate citizen is all about.  National Bank of Arizona is consistently noted as the number one business bank in the state.  Senior Vice President of Business Banking, John Lewis talks with Kate Longworth about the importance of being a leader of this type.

Getting to the bank or the kids delivered to school, it’s important to have reliable transportation.  Keeping your car running right is so important.   Our friends at Greurlich’s say now is the perfect time to have a look under-the-hood.

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