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Experiencing Some Things Made Easy


Half way through the year and this will be the one they talk about for some time to come.  2020, the year of many changes from cleaning techniques to how we socialize.  Many things are slowly coming back for enjoyment and for some items, we’ll have to wait a little longer and enjoy them through our video. Arizona Living Your Home Your Inspiration reveals what you can experience now, like virtual tours at the Arizona Science Center.

Is something bugging you?  Seriously, this is the time of year, when pests decide to move in with you for the summer.  No, we are not talking about your college-aged children. We are referring to bugs.  Dave Burns from Burns Pest Elimination has some helpful advice on how to send the unwanted house guests packing.

Right now, you’re probably not entertaining a great deal.  However, now, might be the perfect time to indulge your party spirit by adding a new bar to your home.  American Furniture Warehouse has some ideas as we continue our “experiencing some things made easy” theme.

When you’re ready to get out and explore a bit, the Fairmont Princess Scottsdale wants to remind you they are the perfect place for a weekend stay-cation and calories don’t count on vacation.