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Stridewell Spine Clinic Offers Relief for Chronic Back Pain Sufferers

Stridewell Spine Clinic

By Shana Fischer

At some point, we have all experienced back pain. Whether it’s related to weekend warrior activities or lifting a heavy box, it starts with that twinge and then the nagging pain that after a few days eventually goes away. But, for 100 million Americans, back pain is an everyday part of life. The chronic pain that’s treated with medication, exercises, chiropractic care, and even surgery. Yet, after all that, there may be no relief.

Stridewell Same-Day Spine Clinic can help. This unique doctor’s office is geared towards getting results. Oftentimes, chronic back pain sufferers start off seeing their primary care physician. That doctor will recommend visits with specialists or benign treatment that never really gets to the root of the problem. The patient finds themselves caught in a merry-go-round of referrals and treatments. At Stridewell, all they do is treat and diagnose back pain.

Your appointment at Stridewell begins with a visit to their Scottsdale office. After signing yourself in at the kiosk, you are seen by a Physician’s Assistant. The PA is specially-trained in back and neck issues. After evaluating your condition, the PA under the supervision of a neurosurgeon, will diagnose your condition and recommend a course of treatment. That recommendation may be to see a doctor, undergo treatments, or physical therapy.

Stridewell believes getting a diagnosis and treatment plan should be easy. That’s why they offer same day appointments and they don’t take insurance. You pay a flat fee and there is no red tape to cut through.

Stridewell can help with all kinds of back and neck pain, whether it’s caused by a car accident or a sports injury or even a genetic condition. Their website also has a section that provides helpful information on the many causes of back and neck pain and treatments.

For more on Stridewell Same-Day Spine Clinic, be sure to watch the new YurView show, Your Health, on Cox 4 in Phoenix.