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How to Make Amazing Flower Arrangements

Get a quick course in Flower Arrangements 101 from White House Flowers owner, Dennis Thompson. He says starting with strong mechanics makes a strong design.


  • The container must be waterproof
  • Clear is better because the condition of the water and water level can be seen
  • Keep arrangements low – shorter stems give better support to the flowers and shorter stems allow for better water uptake
  • Do arrangements in mass. Use a lot of roses, tulips, etc.
  • Use a floral frog or some curly willow to give flowers support in the vase
  • Create a web on top of the vase to keep flowers upright. Can be done by adding clear floral  tape in a crisscross pattern before inserting flowers
  • Fruits (cranberries) an be added to the vase like marbles in water but the water must be hanged every two days

Monica liked the tips but wonders if she shouldn’t leave the floral arranging to the professionals.


White House Flowers has a new location on 7th street just south of Bethany Home Road called White House Flowers at Crown on 7th. The floral and urban boutique has home accessories, furniture, artwork, jewelry, candles, giftware, etc., and of course beautiful flowers.