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Conquer Flu and Colds With New Technology from Parker and Sons

Sponsored By: Parker and Sons

By Shana Fischer

Cold and flu season is hitting our homes with a vengeance. Nearly 25 percent of Americans get the flu each year. And the costs are staggering: the flu causes workers to lose 111 million workdays which adds up to $7 billion in lost productivity. With no cure available, doctors recommend getting a flu shot, getting enough sleep (at least 8 hours a night), frequent hand washing and eating nutrient-dense food. Still, keeping germs at bay inside your home can be a full time job. But, now you have a new weapon, an Air Scrubber system. Parker and Sons, one of the Valley’s most trusted HVAC and plumbing companies, offers this new technology.

Air scrubbers are a revolutionary way to clean and disinfect your home’s air any time your HVAC unit turns on. Air scrubbers can eliminate pollen and mold which is especially important for people who may have compromised immune systems. It also destroys 99 percent of germs and viruses. Plus, no more nasty odors from cooking food or cigarette smoke.

The Air Scrubber system works using germicidal light waves that actually create environ-scrubbing molecules that are sent into your home to help clean and disinfect the surfaces of your home and remove germs in the air. The Air Scrubber system is installed right into your cooling and heating system and is triggered whenever your fan, AC, or heater is running. The Air Scrubber also keeps your HVAC system healthy and clean.

Another benefit to an Air Scrubber system is taking care of indoor pollution. The EPA ranks indoor pollution as one of the top five most dangerous environmental factors. In fact, studies show indoor air can be as much as five times worse than outside air. Pollen, dust, mites, pet dander and mold can cause significant health issues from allergies to rashes to chronic lung conditions. The Air Scrubber system can help eliminate these environmental factors and provide cleaner and healthier air for your family.

With Parker and Sons, installation takes less than an hour in most cases and is done by professional and licensed employees. There is no mess and no visible wires or units. Parker and Sons has a long history of providing exemplary customer service. Started in 1974 by Jack and Faye Parker, the Parker family still holds true to the mission of Grandpa Jack, treat the customer right and make sure they are 100% satisfied.

If you want to learn more about the Air Scrubber system, schedule an appointment online or call today and be sure to ask about the limited time special on Air Scrubbers.

And, don’t forget Parker and Sons can help with any of your HVAC needs as well as plumbing, drain cleaning and water treatment.