Every year you hear it. Some new film premiered at some thing called South by Southwest or some new band blew up or some comedian filmed a special at SXSW. But what is it? Besides being a direction, it is also a music, tech, entertainment, comedy and film festival that takes place in the city of Austin, Texas. 

South by Southwest, or SXSW as it is known by people who are tired of typing, is something different to everyone who makes the pilgrimage to the Lone Star State. For Doug Benson, it is a place to record a podcast and watch films. For Brett Gelman, it is a place to sell your new movie “Lemon” and meet me waiting in line for pizza. For others it is a place to have their band heard by a completely new audience in a completely new place.

We asked the people of South by Southwest what SXSW is to them and their answers did not disappoint.

What did people say?

Answers were across the board as one would expect with so much to do. Here’s just a sample of what SXSW is to the people who made the trip to the place where they say they like to keep it weird.

SXSW is…
  • where the world comes together
  • for the music
  • a big party
  • all about creativity
  • about improving the human condition
  • a place to get inspired
  • It’s just too much! (For those people Casper and One Night had the remedy.)

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