Ludacris SXSW

Most people know Ludacris from his movie and music career. He’s dropped bows and rhymed over Austin Powers’s flutes. And now that he’s sustained that success and made a fortune from the Fast and Furious franchise (something he calls “the gift that keeps on giving!“) he is now looking to turn that money into wealth.

Ludacris has joined a group that is looking to take deliveries to the people much in the same way that Uber and Lyft modernized taxi service. “We had been looking for something tech to get involved in,” Ludacris shared with Kate Atwood at the Choose ATL Lounge at South by Southwest, “and so Roadie actually came to us.” Ludacris heard the pitch and jumped on board, so let’s examine what Roadie actually is and how it works.

How does Roadie Work?

First, you post what they call a “gig” online or on your phone, and then Roadie will match you with a driver who’s already going that way.

Roadie How to
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You can choose from driver offers as well so there’s some choice there, which is nice. And with shipping in a P2P environment having some sense of security is a must, so Roadie automatically includes $500 insurance on each Gig, and Senders have the option to purchase up to $10,000 in additional protection. And then of course, there’s real time tracking which we’ve come to expect with everything.

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There’s no way to say if Roadie will revolutionize the package delivery system in this country, but it’s such a well-thought-out solution to a systemic issue that it will at the very least be a disruption to the market and force improvement in the ways things are currently done.

Ludacris himself sees no reason to expect anything less that complete success for Roadie. He beamed when discussing the endeavor and said, “I think we’re going to make some history real soon with Roadie.”