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The Plastic Bag That Could Change the World

The Plastic Bag That Could Change the World

Not all tech entrepreneurs are looking to cash out. Some, like Avani’s Kevin Kumala, are looking to help out. While at South by Southwest, Kumala demonstrated the amazing breakthrough that may save us from the scourge of the nearly one trillion plastic bags that are consumed worldwide, polluting our oceans.

The details:

  • 100% made from renewable bio-based, not oil
  • Compostable and biodegradable
  • Safe to consume for land and marine animals
  • Can be recycled along with paper
  • Customizable shape and design
  • Can be dissolved in a matter of less than 150 days when discarded in bodies of water.

Avani Eco

Avani provides a simple solution by replacing plastic with renewable resources. As Kumala succinctly states, “We are actually turning waste into worth.”

And to show that he wasn’t just reading some boilerplate bullet points, Kevin tore off a piece of plastic bag, mixed it in with some normal water and drank it up.

I took a sip too and while it’s not something you’d go running out to replace your Gatorade, it’s wonderful knowing that this product might make the world a safer place for marine life around the world.