Chesapeake is one of the 7 cities in the area best known as Hampton Roads, or Coastal Virginia, Tidewater, even the 757! But did you know that Chesapeake is also the home of some delectable places to eat?

We’ve partnered up with Yelp Hampton Roads to bring you the top 7 restaurants in the Chesapeake area, based on their member reviews.

Take a look at the list and let us know if you agree with the Yelp community, or if we left out your go-to Chesapeake restaurant!

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1. Kapers Catering and Eatery (Chesapeake)

Great catering and a Tapas-style eatery. “Hole in the wall” restaurant bringing a little twist to Southern Chesapeake.

2. Ddeb’s A Taste of Home (Chesapeake)

With her New England flair and acquired Southern charm, Debbie Toth has created a warm, welcoming, and cutting-edge place to eat. Her menu is made up of delectable dishes such as gorgonzola bread, tortellini soup, shrimp salad sandwiches, filet mignon, cream puffs, and many more. She’ll welcome you into her restaurant with a smile and witty conversation, and be delighted to offer you “A Taste of Home”.

3. The BBQ Shack (Chesapeake)

The BBQ Shack provides the Hampton Roads area with the best BBQ this side of the Mississippi. Located on Old George Washington Hwy in Chesapeake they offer dine in/take out and catering services.

4. The Cutting Edge Cafe (Chesapeake)

American cafe offering panini, salads, housemade bread & vegetarian dishes in a mellow space.

5. Pizzeria Bella Vista by Signorelli (Chesapeake)

Regular & gluten-free pizzas in a small, easygoing space with an open kitchen & wood-fired oven.

6. Bergey’s Breadbasket (Chesapeake)

Family-owned deli & creamery featuring homemade sandwiches, pastries & ice cream in a quaint space.

7. Burrito Perdido (Chesapeake)

Contemporary counter serve featuring Mexican staples made with locally sourced, organic ingredients.

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