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Barrio Dogg Serving Up Culture to San Diego Community

The outstanding cuisine and culture of Barrio Dogg has kept San Diego locals and tourists coming back for more since 2017.

It started off as a dream that turned into reality and has quickly grown into a hot spot in San Diego for what Barrio Dogg calls Chicano comfort food.

Barrio Dogg was able to pivot during the pandemic, and not only did they survive, but they also expanded. There’s now an additional location at Petco Park serving delicious dogs to Padres fans.

Take a look at the video above for more on the cuisine and culture that has captured the the hearts (and taste buds) of both San Diego locals and tourists alike. Or, read the full interview transcription we’ve provided below (lightly edited for clarity).

Barrio Dogg

Barrio Dogg’s Beginning

Pablo Rios – Co-Owner/Founder/Chef (00:11) – Our menu is a plane ticket to take you around the world of flavors. We use the hot dog as a vehicle to show you flavors from all over the world, not just Mexico.

(00:42) – Barrio Dogg is a development of a dream that my compadre and I had. It went from an idea to a plan, and we were able to open up in 2017. So we designed a hot dog cart out of a ’64 Impala.

(01:06) – Right away we saw that people were interested in what we did. We gave them a sense of comfort with our food. So in May of 2018, we opened up the dining room. We were able to bring more people in to enjoy what we were doing and continue to grow the brand of Barrio Dogg.

Barrio Dogg

Hot Dog Variety

PR (01:14) – What we do here is specialize in hot dogs. We have hot dogs from Tijuana, we have hot dogs from Japan, we have German style dogs, we do chili cheese from Texas. There’s so much variety. And the hot dog is the star of the show.

Culture at Barrio Dogg

PR (01:38) – So when you come into Barrio Dogg, first of all, I want you to feel like you’re at my house. I want you to get a feel of family in the neighborhood, from the sounds that you hear to the smells that you smell.

(02:07) – What you’re going to see around you is going to be like walking into a lowrider museum. I wanted to take you back in time. There are time capsules all over this place that have been opened up to share with the public.

(02:22) – Being embraced has a lot to do with where your heart is. And people recognize right away that Barrio Dogg was not just here to sell hot dogs. I was here to share a little bit of my culture, a little bit of my life with the rest of the community. And that’s what has allowed us to grow.

Barrio Dogg

PR (02:30) – I think that’s what drives me, right? People to like my food is what drives me, but I let the food be the star. What we do, what drives me is to continue to produce food that people like.

(02:58) – Barrio Dogg’s menu will never go stale. We’re always developing new flavors. We’re always trying new things. We’re always thinking outside of the box. So every time you come into Barrio Dogg, you’ll try something new.

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