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Three Tips for Healthier Skin This Fall

how to get healthier skin in the fall

By Rachelle McCray

When the season changes, our skin tends to react accordingly. And, it seems like there are constantly new fads in skincare and beauty trends- but who wants to try everything on the market?

There may not be a one size fits all for every skin type, but a few basic habits can help our skin transition through this seasons weather change.

Cleanse + Exfoliate

Cleansing is the first item on the to do list for keeping skin beautiful, no matter the season. However, this fall, adding an additional step is something your face will thank you for. You’ll want to follow your daily cleanse with exfoliating as the weather cools.

Exfoliating during the Autumn season will help remove dead cells and decongest clogged pores. Preparing your skin through exfoliation will also help your moisturizer and other products, like natural based oils, absorb into your skin. You can exfoliate a few times a week, but avoid it daily, as you do not want to over do it and strip your skin of good cells.

If exfoliation is new to your skin care routine, just look in your kitchen to find natural ingredients to make your own DIY scrub. A pumpkin scrub is perfect for fall, and only requires a few ingredients. Give it a try for brighter, tighter, and hydrated looking skin.

  • 1 cup brown sugar (look for smaller granules)
  • 1/2 cup coconut oil for dry/normal skin
  • 1/2 teaspoon canned pumpkin
  • 1/2 teaspoon vitamin E oil


Once the dead cells are gone, it’s time to help our skin heal and replenish itself. Adding moisturizer will help do exactly that. Here are a few tips to getting the most out of your moisturizer:

  • Apply moisturizer after the shower when possible. Pores tend to be the most open after being exposed to steam, and will absorb product much better.
  • Switch from a lotion to a creme based moisturizer. As the air gets drier, our skin needs a little more help. A creme can provide better hydration and add a stronger oil barrier.
  • Use an all in one moisturizer when possible. If you don’t have one that covers all of your bases, it’s okay to layer various products. For a DIY option, try small amounts of aloe vera.


Regardless of the temperature, we should always apply sunscreen to our skin. Whether rain or shine, using sunscreen is our best chance at fighting premature aging from sun damage and preventing skin cancer. It’s a product we should have in our arsenal and use year round. When choosing a facial sunscreen, here are a few things you should look for:

  • Choose a sunscreen with 15 SPF or higher. Most dermatologists recommend 25 SPF for maximum coverage that will last.
  • Look for the term “broad spectrum”, when choosing a sunscreen for your skin and face. This will ensure the product protects against both UVA and UVB rays.
  • If you are not sure which product might work well with your makeup, consider a tinted moisturizer. This will help with coverage of skin imperfections and keep you shielded from harmful rays.

And just like that, you are on your way to healthier looking skin. For more skincare, beauty and lifestyle tips, join us on Arizona Living: Your Life, Your Style.

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