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Cross Examination: Legal Lines Q&A with Locke Meredith


locke meredith

Does the legal world seem confusing? Do you wish you knew more about our government? Want to get a better understanding of how the law works without having to binge watch Law & Order?

If you feel that way, you’re not alone. Locke Meredith, attorney, wanted to help people learn more about the law and see the positives that come with it. Thus, he created Legal Lines, a show that’s been on for 17 years and running, to help educate, inform, and entertain viewers on the law and government, as well as answer questions and cut through misconceptions.

We recently caught up with Locke on the show and he told us all about the show’s start, some of his favorite guests, and more!

1. Let’s start back 17 years ago. What your inspiration for starting Legal Lines?

Frankly – I was tired of the legal profession being discussed in a negative way seemingly all the time, and I knew that’s so much of what is right and good for and about our Country, State and City is the result of the way our governments (national, state & local) are organized. Our country divides power amongst three branches of government – executive/legislative/judiciary. “The Rule of Law” in America, began with the Constitution of the USA and continued with each state’s constitution. The laws passed by our governments limit and control government, and also attempt to protect and peacefully resolve disputes between individuals, groups and even the various branches of our governments.

The idea for Legal Lines was as a community/educational TV program regarding our government and legal systems.The ultimate goal was/is to empower folks to use and participate in our governments and legal system, as without community participation the system will fail. The working mission was to help folks understand how all three branches of government works. Expert legislators were chosen to explain how the legislative branch works to ultimately write laws based on needs or issues raised by groups/individuals in our society. Experts in the “executive” branch were chosen to explain how they participate in the writing of laws and ultimately confirm or veto the proposed laws (and then enforce law). Judiciary experts were chosen to explain the court system and how it interprets and decides legal issues/matters brought to it by individuals, groups and the various branches of the government.

2. The legal world can feel complex at times. How did you work to translate the more complicated aspects of law into something digestible for the audience?

Legal Lines has been fortunate to have amazing individuals and experts from all various branches of government on a federal, state and local level. They give their personal experiences and perspectives of our how our system of government and laws function according to their positions held. Legal Lines past guests include the following: United States Senators & Congressmen, Chief& Associate Justices of the Louisiana Supreme Court, Louisiana Lieutenant Governor, Attorney General, Treasurer & State Police Superintendent, Senators& Representatives, Louisiana Supreme Court, Appellate, District, Workers Compensation, Family & City Court Judges, Baton Rouge Mayors, Mayor Pro Terms & Council members, EBR parish Sheriff, District attorney & Police Chief,and more!

In addition to Government and legal experts educating folks about our government and legal system, Legal Lines has also been fortunate to have numerous guests who educate our community on other interesting subject matter ranging from our State Military Chaplin, Medical doctors & healthcare providers (re: Brain, Spine, Burn, Lung and other serious injuries) to Drunk Driving, Economics, Ministries & Local, state & national Charities, NFL pro football players, and on and on.

3. What were some of your most memorable episodes, people you interviewed, and topics?

Every single show has been a great success, but the Legal Lines shows that discuss international, national, state & local issues in advance of or contemporaneous with said big events/issues facing our community are particularly rewarding. For example, Legal Lines spent an entire year investigating crime in EBR and our State. Legal Lines discussed the issue with all the state and local players on the front lines in the real world . The cause, resulting problems and how to address the serious problem of crime was very informative for all involved. The shows thoroughly vetted all issues and helped advance a number of proposed actions to reduce crime and protect our community from the social devastation caused by it.

4. What about the show are you most proud of?

I am most proud of the amazing quality of the guests and public servants that have appeared on Legal Lines for over 17 years. Many have appeared for years and confirm personally the positive affect Legal Lines has had on our community. I’m very proud that every single Legal Lines show taped “live” in essence and was never redone. The shows are simply a conversation and discussion (usually timely Re: current events) that is educational for all (including me, the guest and those who watched). No two Legal Lines shows have been the same, and are genuine and authentic.

5. What has appearing on Yurview done for you and your firm?

The Cox/YurView folks (especially, Eric Coleman & Nils Breckoff) I have worked with over the last 17 years have been amazing, supportive, professional and helpful. Legal Lines has become, in ways, a partnership. They helped develop, produce, promote and air a successful grass roots community/educational TV program for 17 years! Here’s to another 17 years of Legal Lines!!