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Out and About | Narragansett Town Beach

Presented by: Paul Masse

Out and About – Narragansett Town Beach is a family friendly tourist destination where families can enjoy, the sand, the surf, and the sun. The beach is a classic New England saltwater coastal beachfront that offers some of the best, cleanest and accessible conditions for residents and tourists in New England, with attendance up to 10,000 patrons per day.

00:11 Michelle Kershaw – Director of Narragansett Parks & Recreation

Narragansett Town Beach is a very family friendly beach. We are also a tourist destination. We are located in the southern most portion of the state. Our beach is only about three quarters of a mile long, but within that small little stretch, we offer beautiful sand. We have concession stands at both of our pavilions also we have surfing in the southern end of our beach, we offer surfing, and then the remainder of the beach is for swimming and boogie boarding and body surfing.

00:42 Bill Eckert – Beach Manager – Town of Narragansett

You can swim, you can enjoy the beach, you can enjoy the sun, the sand. If you’re a surfer, we have one of the best places to surf, or it’s just an enjoyable place for everybody.

00:54 – Michelle Kershaw

We encourage tourism, and I think that’s a big draw because even though we are a small town, we have great small restaurants, we have great shops, we have surf shops, we offer surf lessons, and we have a phenomenal lifeguard staff that has a fantastic 100% safety record. So we kind of have everything if you want to swim if you want to serve if you want to body surf, you just want to relax on the sand. So it’s a great place to come.

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