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Norman Bird Sanctuary | Beach Bash Series

The Norman Bird Sanctuary’s Beach Bashes, are a perfect way to enjoy the beauty of the ocean and learn about the bird sanctuary and the protected areas.


Kaity Ryan – Norman Bird Sanctuary

00:01 The northern bird sanctuary is the largest contiguous protected open space on Aquidneck Island.

Kirstin Burdett – Norman Bird Sanctuary

00:06 Our mission is to preserve and protect 325 acres and provide access to it to those in the public provide educational opportunities for people of all ages.

Beach Bash

00:17 – KR

So tonight is the second in our beach bash series. So we have four evenings throughout the summer celebrating time outside in nature on the third beach coastal area that the northern bird sanctuary owns and protects.

00:31 – KB

We have a couple of fire pits here that people make s’mores and just gather around and do that together. And we have Jimmy Weinstock here who’s performing bring your own chairs, your own picnic setups, your own blanket, some people go all out and some people just bring a couple of chairs

00:46 – KR

we provide firepits we provide refreshments, so soft drinks, s’mores, and ice cream. The ice cream has been very generously donated by Ben and Jerry’s the new force. So that’s always a big hit.

00:59 – KB

This is just an opportunity for us all to get together and celebrate the sanctuary and also being outside in this beautiful location together.

01:07 – KR

These events help us deliver our mission. We are as a wildlife sanctuary and environmental education dedicated to protecting the 325 acres in our care and also advocating for environmental education.


01:21 – KB

undeveloped land is disappearing. So for Norman bird sanctuary, what’s really special is that we have so much land that is protected so birds wildlife, they have a safe place to call home

01:33 – KR

325 acres right on the waterfront, there’s no question that that would have been developed, had it not been protected in 1949.

01:41 – KB

It’s really special for us to be able to have that space and continue growing it with the support of our audience here.

01:48 – KR

So all of our public programs, our events, they support that work really integral to the bird sanctuary and the support is incredible. It’s also a really wonderful way for us to engage with our members and with people in the community.