Howard's Kenny Blakeny
Howard's Kenny Blakeny

Kenny Blakeney took over as head basketball coach at Howard University over a season ago and is already having a huge impact, not only on the basketball community at Howard but at the University as a whole. Outside of basketball, Blakeney is an entrepreneur and leader in the black in community. He is currently working with Michelle Obama and Chris Paul’s ‘When We All Vote’ initiative with the goal of increasing black voter registration among young people.

When Covid-19 forced students to abruptly leave campus, Coach Blakeney helped implement a virtual fundraiser through the student assistance fund helping students get home and give families that had someone laid-off or furloughed a bit of financial relief.
His game plan at Howard is to utilize the brand of Howard to promote academics and basketball as the two can work hand in hand. Blakeney’s strategy seems to be working as he is starting to land some of the top recruits in the nation.

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