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‘Sports Cards Nonsense’ is No Joke

On this episode of The Upside podcast, Adam Finkelstein dives into the world of sports cards with Mike Gioseffi, the founder of Sports Cards Nonsense & newest host (alongside Jesse Gibson) on The Ringer Podcast Network.

If you haven’t been paying attention, the entire industry is suddenly white hot, but it’s not like “the good old days” when cards were affordable and companies like Upper Deck, Fleer, Donruss and others flooded the market with cardboard.
Buoyed by publicity from high profile collectors like Gary Vaynerchuk, companies like Panini now command collectors’ attention and dollars from those hoping to hit it big.

Much to the dismay of middle aged collectors everywhere, the boxes of late-1980’s/early 1990’s cards taking up space in their basement are mostly worthless, part of what’s known now as the “junk wax” era.
Meanwhile, millions of dollars are being poured into sports card related companies. Goldin Auctions and Collectors Universe (parent company of PSA) received a significant influx of capital from the likes of the Chernin Group, Kevin Durant, Bill Simmons, Logan Paul, Mark Cuban and Deshaun Watson, among others.

Vintage cards have been enjoying a renaissance as well; most recently the passing of former home run king Hank Aaron brought fresh attention to his cards. As with modern day cards, there’s now more excitement and investment around football, basketball, hockey and soccer than ever before.

The craze has even moved passed the physical and into the world of blockchain with increasing hype (and profits) around Non-Fungible Tokens like NBA Top Shot.

With so much going on in the space, how can a newcomer to collecting & investing make sense of it all?

Fortunately, there are plenty of resources online and people like Mike Gioseffi to help. Mike breaks down how to get into (or back into) sports cards collecting, how card grading & PSA works, and more.

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