At its core, Cox Communications is a company that creates connections for its customers. Typically, it’s a connection to entertainment, email, phone, or the internet – allowing people to connect in a multitude of ways. They recently came up with a fun new way to bring people together in one Santa Barbara neighborhood.

Three families. One neighborhood. Brought together for the first time. Meet The Neighbors introduces three families from Santa Barbara who live blocks away from one another but have never met. As a fun way to introduce themselves, Cox helped each family create fun 80s-style TV intros to air on TV for the whole neighborhood to see – and proved that sometimes all it takes is making an introduction.

“Cox is all about providing connections,” says Kirsten McLaughlin, Market Vice President, Santa Barbara, “and we’re thrilled we could introduce three families through this initiative and bring our Santa Barbara community even closer together.”

Meet the families

The Pollacks

The Pollacks love living in Santa Barbara but don’t yet know their neighbors as well as they’d like.  A family of four, they’re eager to connect with other families in the neighborhood to plan family get-togethers and playdates with the kids – even finding friends who share their passion for outdoor activities like sports, surfing, and hiking in the mountains.

Click here for more about the Pollacks (including a great interview about their experience with Meet the Neighbors).

 The Armentrouts

A growing family of five, the Armentrouts live in the Santa Barbara area and grew up knowing everyone on the block (Whitney’s neighbor was even her maid of honor!). But life raising three kids is busy, and they haven’t met as many neighbors as they’d like. More than anything, they’d love to give their kids the same opportunity they had to make lifelong friends.

The Rumps

New to the west coast, the Rumps recently moved from Chicago. They are excited to enjoy everything California has to offer – beaches, warm weather, and new friends. Being new to town, they’d love to meet people in their community to enjoy the summer months and start building their new life.

From neighbors to friends, these families made an intro their neighbors would never forget. Sometimes all it takes is making an introduction.

Meet The Neighbors is part of a larger initiative Cox calls TheConnectionsProject, directed at providing human connection wherever it’s needed.