Joe Meisch, President / Meisch Temple Massager, Inc. 

On this episode of We are Living Healthy, Alexis is joined by Joe Meisch , President -of Meisch Temple Massager, Inc. They talk about why and how Joe created Temple Massager and who needs this device.

In September of 1997, Joe was nearing the end of his military career as a Combat Engineer and college student and was under heavy stress. He started to develop pain in his lower jaw area, began to poke and prod at his facial muscles with his sunglasses, and he decided that he needed to buy a temple massager immediately. But such a device did not exist. That is why he creates this amazing product!

Who is the right candidate for this Temple Massager? 

People that suffer every day stress, muscle tension, headaches—any person that needs to relax  their head and release tension. Doctors recommend keeping the facial muscles relaxed to prevent and relieve  muscle tension that can lead to  headaches and migraines caused by stress.

 How can people find this product? 

This product is available online at

Tips and suggestions: 

If you keep your Meisch Temple Massager at work in a drawer, you might want to think about keeping it in the case, unless you want folks hanging around your desk like bees at a flower saying, “What is that wonderful fragrance”. The Meisch Temple Massager is NOT A TOY, do not leave it anywhere small children might play with it.

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