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Highlights: De La Salle vs. St. Augustine

For the first time in 15 years, De La Salle and St. Augustine high schools met on a football field. Adding to the sense of making history was the location; this was the first high school game played in Tulane’s on-campus Yulman Stadium.

St. Aug got on the board early with a touchdown by future Texas Tech Running Back Garland LaFrance, but it soon became apparent that both the night and the game would belong to De La Salle.

The Cavs’ Quarterback Julien Gums chalked up four touchdowns, but only one passing, a testament to the pass blocking power of the St. Augustine defense.

Junior Running Back Kendall Collins Jr. also gave a standout performance in the Cav’s offense, until cramps took him off the field in the second half.

De La Salle’s defense was just as unforgiving as it’s offense, plucking three interceptions and making a goal-line stand to deny the Purple Knights a last-ditch recovery.

This is only the 4th time in school history that the Cavaliers have come out on top against their one-time Catholic League rivals.

To view full game, go HERE.