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Smart Gym – A New Concept for Healthy Living

A fun and affordable way to stay in shape

Smart Gym is a new gym concept combining traditional gym machines with high-energy, high-calorie burning group classes. Ryan Hayes, co-founder and owner of Smart Gym describes it as a new gym concept that grew out of consumer need. People had one gym membership for cardio, free weights and resistance training and another for high-end group training. They were paying for two gym memberships.

Smart Gym combines a high-end boutique gym with a premium group training program all for a fraction of the price of paying for two gym memberships. Hayes says when clients come to Smart Gym they will find the top of the line equipment they need to do their resistance training, cardio, hydro massage and tanning. They will also find a premium group training component combining max effort, heart rate and calories burned. The goal is to provide clients with the most results in the shortest amount of time, so they can get in and out.

Andy Ortmeier, president of XGT Fitness offers the best chance to get in shape. The clients range from those just starting to workout, to some who have worked out for 30 years. The workouts are scaled to do what each individual needs to get the most out of the class. Classes change every day, a perfect blend of strength training and cardio, so it doesn’t get boring.

Another aspect to the classes and Smart Gym is competing. Clients can compete with themselves or with other XGT clients across the country. There is an app to track individual progress and a nationwide leader board on display in the gym. With everybody doing the same workout at the same time, Ortmeier says it is fun and motivating.
In an XGT class, Hayes says clients can burn up to 1,000 calories and keep burning calories up to 36 hours after the class. He says it is the best one hour workout in the galaxy.

While gym members may first notice a change in their bodies, they will soon notice they have built a sense of community with other gym members. They look forward to coming in, working out, taking a class and meeting up with friends.

Hayes and Ortmeier invite viewers to take a tour of the gym and try out a seven day pass. The pass allows visitors to experience the gym, the equipment, take classes, and try hydro massage and all the gym has to offer. Hays says people will be surprised at how easy and affordable it is to have a membership.