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SPIRIT OF THE SEASON - The holidays are about bringing joy to others. Celebrate this time of the year with YurView’s heart-warming holiday programming, and weekly Christmas movies from November 12th through December 31st. 

Celebrate this time of the year with YurView’s heart-warming holiday programming, and weekly Christmas movies from November 12th through December 31st. 

Holiday programming and weekly Christmas movies on YurvIew

Whether it’s spending time with loved ones, celebrating traditions, or doing acts of kindness the holidays are a time to engage in the festive spirit, feel joyful, and connect with the people who matter most.

Get into the Spirit of the Season as we celebrate this special time of joy, reflection, and coming together with family and community.

Beginning November 12th through December 31, tune in to enjoy our curated selection of uplifting Spirit of the Season programming.

How to watch

  • Cox Contour TV customers can watch on the YurView channel in your area. Or, to watch on the go, download the Cox Contour app on Apple and Android.
  • Stream free at watch.yurview.com or download the YurView app on Amazon Fire, Roku & Google Play to watch on your TV.

YurView holiday programming will include:

Weekly Christmas Movies: Enjoy the holidays with our special selection of feel-good Christmas movies airing in December.
  • Christmas in CarolinaPremieres 12/2 9:00 pm: After losing her parents in a car accident, Elle a career-driven investment banker has given up on love and Christmas until she meets Wesley a former NBA player and CEO of a small marketing firm. Wesley invites Elle to his hometown in South Carolina, with hesitation she accepts and is thrown for a loop where she falls in love and finds the spirit of Christmas again.
  • Christmas at Maxwell’sPremieres 12/10 8:00 pm: This Christmas will change the Austin family forever. With a successful career, two adoring children, and having married his high school sweetheart – Andrew Austin had everything. But a cancer diagnosis and past secrets quickly turn their lives upside down. Life no longer has the order and gentleness it once held. A family’s struggle for peace brings hope at a most demanding moment.
  • Christmas StaycationPremieres 12/17 8:00 pm: Another feel-good Christmas movie with a cute puppy and a happy ending? NOT! Christmas Staycation is a hilarious and highly relatable Christmas comedy for adults that has been called “The funniest Christmas movie since National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation!
  • Christmas at the Holly HotelPremieres 12/24 8:00 pm: A young woman living a picture-perfect city life is asked by her parents, owners of Michigan’s historic Holly Hotel, to come home for Christmas. Once there, she realizes she might be wrong about what a picture-perfect life truly looks like.

Holiday Programming
  • Stellar Taste of the Holidays Premieres 11/8 8:30 pm: Uplifting and inspirational songs by Stellar Awards-winning artists.  Host and artist reflections and remembrances of family gatherings around the Thanksgiving Holiday.
  • An American Thanksgiving Premieres 11/12 8:30 pm (this title is only available on Cox Contour TV or the Cox Contour App): A time of celebration, remembrance, and reverence, the holiday we’ve come to call Thanksgiving has played an enormous part in many people’s lives. See how real heroes have changed the world by giving of themselves in the spirit of this holiday. Hosted by Bryant Gumbel.
  • Sam The Cooking Guy  Premieres 11/12 4:00 pm (this title is only available on Cox Contour TV or the Cox Contour App)
  • Small Town, Big Deal: Christmas Across America Premieres 11/25 8:30 pm: Among all the fun and festivities that make Christmas so joyful, we share stories that exemplify this is the time of year when hearts are opened, and peace and goodwill take center stage. Hosts Jann Carl and Rodney Miller travel the country and experience how different areas of America celebrate the Christmas season.
  • 2023 Wonderama Special Premieres 11/26 9:00 pm: Come along for a ride as our host, David Osmond selects his first real Christmas Tree with Coco and Breezy, then decides to drive his evergreen from his New York home all the way to Utah to share the festivities with his family including his uncle Donny and aunt Marie – and a whole lot of friends.
  • Christmas Caroler Challenge  Premieres 11/29 9:00 pm (this title is only available on Cox Contour TV or the Cox Contour App): Everybody’s favorite holiday singing competition is back for Christmas 2023! Watch these talented performers each with their own stylized versions of your favorite Christmas carols performed before a live audience and the eagle-eye review of our judges
  • A Country Fix Christmas Celebration Premieres 12/3 7:00 pm: Featuring some of country music’s leading artists A Country Fix Christmas Celebration brings the best in country music with both new and classic holiday-themed country hits.
  • Top 12 Greatest Christmas Movies of All Time – Premieres 12/3 7:00 pm (this title is only available on Cox Contour TV or the Cox Contour App): Dean Cain and friends present a fresh look inside the 12 Greatest Christmas Movies of All Time counting down to the number one choice. We look at the magical moments in each of these films that make us laugh, cry, and mostly want to watch them again and again. These great films define what the holidays are all about.
  • An American Christmas with PJ Rasmussen and Boardwalk Jazz Band Premieres 12/9 8:00 pm: Twenty-one of New York’s finest young musicians share the joy of Christmas in one spectacular musical event. PJ Rasmussen and the Boardwalk Jazz Band will provide fresh and exciting renditions of America’s most beloved Christmas music along with new and original holiday tunes. With a live audience in the heart of New York City, the four vocalists, amazing rhythm section and 13 horns capture the raw excitement and energy of a big band performance.
  • 2023 Stellar Tribute to the Holidays Premieres 12/10 7:00 pm: The 13th Annual Stellar Tribute to the Holidays celebrates the holiday season with Christmas carols, family remembrances, and uplifting messages of hope and inspiration.
  • The Spirit of Christmas Premieres 12/17 7:00 pm (this title is only available on Cox Contour TV or the Cox Contour App): Celebrating the music and majesty of the holiday season, with special performances by the late Natalie Cole, Al Jarreau, Brian McKnight, Lakisha Jones, James Ingram, Bo Bice, Jeffrey Osborne and the Los Angeles gospel choir! Plus, spirited holiday stories of hope and inspiration, with Hollywood legend, Robert Wagner. Joining us for the songs and splendor of the most wonderful time of the year, as we celebrate the spirit of Christmas.
  • Holiday Fantasy Christmas  Premieres 12/25 8:30 pm (this title is only available on Cox Contour TV or the Cox Contour App): Classic performances from Jose Feliciano, The Mandrell Sisters, Maureen McGovern, Helen Reddy, Mickey Gilley, Lou Rawls, and The Serendipity Singers Plus special Christmas memories. From Patrick Macnee, David Carradine, Fred Travalena, Stella Stevens.

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