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Monsters on Our Roadways with Huffman & Huffman

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It’s spooky season and if you are like lots of Americans, there are very few things on our roadways that are more frightening than tractor trailers!


Thank goodness there are ways that we can be proactive while driving, to help keep ourselves safe from these monster-sized trucks.


Friend of the show attorney Nick Woodhouse from Huffman & Huffman spoke to Ashley about all things 18-wheelers.

Nick explains that the reason it is so imperative that we are safe around these big trucks is that THEY ARE BIGGER THAN US!


Therefore it is in our best interest to be aware of them and to be proactive on the roadways when they are traveling in our vicinity.


One thing to keep in mind if you are able and you find yourself in an accident with a tractor trailer, is to take a photo of the truck’s driver-side door.


This will include a list of information that is important to have when finding out insurance information for the vehicle.


Be sure to also immediately contact our friends at Huffman & Huffman. Tractor trailer accidents can be complicated, as these monsters can carry multiple layers of insurance. It’s imperative that you let the professionals help you navigate your case!

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