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Home Foundation Issues are Not a Problem with AMC 911

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Ever wonder what is going on “under” the floors of your home? Lots of homeowners get busy with home renovations: newer modern kitchens and bathrooms, curb appeal etc, but many never remember the importance of maintaining the foundation.

Mariel McClung, the Vice President of AMC 911, joins Living 757 to remind us how important it is to make sure the foundation of our homes are in good condition.

Standing water, musty smells and cracks around the house are three of the main indicators that signal that you may have issues with the foundation of your home.

Foundation problems can not only cause increased costs when heating or cooling your house, but they can create much larger issues when they are left unattended.

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So, who do you call to help? AMC911 are experts in all of your foundation needs. From removing water under you home then sealing the crawlspace to raising and supporting your house with steel piers, a phone call to AMC911 can help resolve your issues and give you some much needed peace of mind.

With over 25 years of service in Virginia, you can be assured that AMC911are the ones to call for all your foundation needs.

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