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Food and Nutrition Matter at Riverside

Sponsored by Riverside Health System

Barry from Career Hunters is back at Riverside Regional Medical Center, and this time he is learning all about careers in their Food and Nutrition Services!


The Food and Nutrition Services department isn’t just cooks in the kitchen though. There are a plethora of other career opportunities as well.


These opportunities range from sanitation crew members, diet office clerks, dietitians, supervisors, managers, and MORE!

Even someone who starts at Riverside as a dish washer can end up in any roll they are qualified for! There is plenty of room to move up and also move around to different departments if the desire is there.


The Food and Nutrition Services department is responsible for giving the patients balanced and delicious meals during their stay.


To learn more about these and other career opportunities at Riverside, visit their website at www.riversideonline.com/careers

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