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Delicious and Safe Digging with Virginia 811

Sponsored By: Virginia 811

Did you know that digging can be delicious? Natalie, from Virginia 811 and her daughter Lydia shared with us a delicious recipe.  This chocolatey 5 ingredient dessert is a fun way to learn about underground utilities.

Making these Dirt Cups is the perfect way to cook with the kiddos while teaching them (and reminding yourself) about the importance of digging safely.

Did you know that not only can it be very dangerous to dig into a utility line BUT aside from that, you would be liable for any damage repairs?

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That’s some serious cash! And imagine how your neighbors would react if you cut out the power to the block!

A few minutes online to create a ticket is all it takes. After about 3 working days, a technician will come out and identify any utility lines, and save you from any unexpected digging mishaps!

If you are hiring a contractor to do the digging for you, they will typically handle this, but it is always good to ask them to be sure.

The facilities are color coded in the following manner:

When you begin digging, make sure to allow a reasonable distance from either side of the markings.

Don’t let your backyard turn into a backyard disaster! Be sure to give Virginia 811 a call before you dig!

Oh!  And enjoy those dirt cups -we sure will!

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