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Bringing Hope to Hampton Roads

Episode 204 - Sponsored by; GMC

It’s time to get out of the ruts we may have dug in the past few months and experience optimism and joy in Hampton Roads! Hometown Heroes is about hope. We don’t have to leave home for it, but you can if you wish. Here are a few stories of hope that are happening right here in our own backyard!


Open Norfolk is an initiative to bring the community back together in rebuilding the town to accommodate for the new norm.

By increasing outdoor seating, offering community exercises and crafting classes, all in a safe and distanced atmosphere, the city of Norfolk is doing their part to restore normalcy and comfort in the world we live in.


Trails of Purpose offers hope to veterans, free of charge, as a Professional Association of Therapeutic Horsemanship. Here veterans can find peace and assistance in coping with trauma while learning about and building relationships with the horses.


Mercy Chefs has been doing their part to assist communities devastated by natural disasters. In feeding these effected areas, families can find a moment of reprieve from the anxiety and hardships brought on by losing everything.

Then, Senior Services of Southeastern Virginia explains how they offer support to our area’s seniors with meals on wheels, companionship and transportation assistance.

Both of these organizations are able to make a difference by relying on partnerships amongst each other, bringing help to Hampton Roads.


The Safe House Project began in Hampton Roads in 2018 to bring attention to the pandemic of childhood sex trafficking.

Through hosting events such as peace marches and survivor trainings, they are shedding light and truth on an issue that effects many children throughout the world, including here in the 757.


Lastly, we listen to the letter written by the Marines to the veterans of World War II, honoring their dedication and sacrifice on 75th Anniversary of the war.


There are organized activities to get us out in community. Local restaurants are getting a helping hand so we can eat out safely. There are places to get back to nature and people who are dedicated to making life better for others who need assistance. We can make the world better when we reach out to one another.