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Brain Building Exercises with Harmony Senior Services

Sponsored By: Harmony Senior Services

We all tend to focus on our bodies as we age.  Our joints may get stiff and make strange creaky sounds.  Muscle pains can appear where we never knew we even had muscles!  These are all obvious results of aging and there are plenty of vitamins and pills that address those issues. But what about our brains?

One thing that is very important as we age is keeping our mind sharp.  And Harmony Senior Service wants us to know that fortunately, there are a lot of fun ways to “exercise” our brain. These workouts include dancing, learning languages and figuring out riddles.

Ashley, Quincy and Patricia challenge themselves with a mental exercise involving riddles and logic.  How did they fare?  Well, let’s just say they needed some help.

And if you or your loved ones are entering the golden years and  are looking for a welcoming community, check out Harmony Senior Services. 

Their communities, which offer varied levels of service; independent living, assisted living and memory care.

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With delicious dining options, spacious apartments and an inviting environment, residents will feel like home without the burden of maintenance.

So don’t wait until the last minute, schedule your visit today.

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