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Arizona Water Conservation – Every Drop Counts

A severe drought in the 1890’s before Arizona was a state, led leadership to streamline the dam and canal systems that manage our water today. We are in a drought again and find ourselves at a crossroads where progressive ideas can help water conservation because Every Drop Counts.

We are all interconnected and how we manage and address our forests can create a difference in the quality of our natural resources. Planning is important from how we grow as a state to how we protect and use our water. Using resources as efficiently as possible requires everybody coming to the table to find solutions. Arizona must continue to act.

When three or four million people act together it can make a huge difference in how resources are expended. What we do as individuals can make a difference. Sharing what we do individually with friends and family and on social media can make a difference. Letting our leaders and legislature know our thoughts and feelings can lead to change. We all must get involved.

Supporting The Nature Conservancy in Arizona can make a difference. Visit their website at www.nature.org to find out conservation ideas you can do individually, in your home, workplace and community. There are many ways to contribute besides membership. If you shop online with Amazon you can select The Nature Conservancy as the charitable organization Amazon donates to through their AmazonSmile program.

Patrick Graham of NCA says for a long time people thought protecting nature was something you did from people. He says NCA sees it differently. They see it as protecting nature for people. We are all interconnected and we are dependent on nature. And anymore nature is dependent on people in so many different ways.

Everything is connected; water, soil, forests and wildlife and even the bustling populations in rural and metro areas. If we alter one of those elements there is a ripple effect with the others, but the change can be positive.