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My Guy Referrals helps you find the right person for the job

8-point approval process and over 150 professional services

Tackling the fix-it list around the house or knowing where to take the car for a repair can be perplexing. What if you don’t know who to call to fix your kitchen sink or the AC? What if you need to find the right attorney or a pet groomer? Monica has a solution for you. My Guy Referrals can help you get the job done.

Monica visits with My Guy spokesperson, Lisa Haffner, to find out what makes this referral service so reliable. Lisa explains the My Guy’s 8 Step Trust Certificate Process.  The companies must:

  • Be licensed and bonded
  • Have proof of insurance
  • Have an acceptable rating with the Better Business Bureau
  • Be in good standing with the State of Arizona and/or Registrar of Contractors
  • Be in business for 5+ years
  • Pass interview process of company owner/president and other key people
  • Have online reputation/customer experience researched
  • Be approved by My Guy investigative boardBecoming part of My Guy’s Referral list is not a simple word of mouth process. Over 150 professional services are on the list and new categories are being added when the process is completed. My Guy’s Referrals (formerly, To Fix It) is a FREE referral service.