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How to Keeps Stains from Ruining Your Carpet

Important to pay attention to how the carpet is constructed and materials used

AAA Hardwood Floors provides full-service on all types of flooring such as wood, carpet, tile and laminate flooring. Ken Tran, Founder and President of AAA, says carpet comes in a variety of styles with many options. With new innovations in carpet making Tran clarifies the difference between waterproof and water-resistant when it comes to carpet. In a demonstration using orange Kool-Aid he spills the liquid on both pieces of carpet. When he turns the water-resistant carpet over the liquid has been absorbed by the backing of the carpet. Turning the waterproof carpet over reveals a clean and dry backing. Tran explains the backing is the key. The water-resistant carpet backing holds on to the moisture making it more difficult to get out and even after cleaning the stains will reappear. Waterproof backing does not do that.

When choosing a carpet, Tran says it is important to pay attention to how the carpet is constructed and what materials are used. Equally important is the pad to go under the carpet. AAA Hardwood Floors uses only a premium eight pound pad.

For busy families with kids and heavy traffic on carpets, Tran suggests nylon carpet with a waterproof backing as the most resilient to use.

At AAA Hardwood Floors the price is all-inclusive, meaning furniture moving, carpet removal, floor preparation and installation, are all included.