frog dog

Frog Dog K9

The Hampton Roads area is special for many reasons, one of which being the immense military presence here! With that presence, comes the responsibility to take care of our veterans- both furry, and otherwise. 

frog dog

Frog Dog K9 simultaneously looks after dogs and our military veterans. Their mission has changed and evolved as the charity has aged- most recently to highlight their therapy center. The “Frog Dog Compound,” if you will.


The Compound

The therapy center allows them to host veterans and their families to come stay, hunt, fish, play with puppies, zip line, and more! 


The idea for Frog Dog K9 came about when President Dale McClellan noticed a need for care and nurturing of local, former military working dogs, as well as veterans who all needed the support. 

frog dog

What started as a necessity, has become a passion project- and the results speak for themselves. 

The furry stars of the show are two of Frog Dog K9’s pups: Storm (who some of you may recognize as Ashley’s old friend) and Hooligan. 

frog dog

Patricia Braves the Suit

Storm is the original Frog Dog, and the founding dog of the demo team! Patricia braves the bite suit so Storm can show her stuff on camera. 


Not only did Patricia brave the bite, she did it in heels! But the demo wasn’t over, as she was taken off leash for a second bite. Patricia survived to tell the tale, and Storm went home after a fulfilling day. 


Thank you so much to all of our military men, women, and K9’s for all that you do!


For all of your furry friend’s needs, please make sure to check out Invisible Fence Brand of Hampton Roads!

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