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Bring Fun Back to Your Fitness Routine, Get Inspired!

For many of us, it’s the time of year when our fitness routines might start to drop off and we find our motivation slipping. But no worries, if you’ve hit a rut in your fitness journey, there are some inspiring ways to bring back the enthusiasm. On this month’s episode of “Your Health” we’re sharing ways for you to do just that, including some unique ways to workout. The best part: Although these classes may disguise your workouts in a few layers of fun, don’t be fooled. They’re very much still workouts, and great ones at that!

I had a chance to chat with Amanda Paige, owner of Tough Lotus in Chandler, AZ, a studio that offers The Bungee Workout™. In fact, Tough Lotus is the only studio in the state that offers The Bungee Workout™, and was the first to bring this fun and cutting edge workout to the U.S. in 2017. Naturally I was pretty jazzed when I had the opportunity to not only talk to the “Bungee Queen” herself about what inspired her to learn and teach the Bungee Workout™, but had the chance to actually bungee myself…and bungee, did I ever! 🙂


The bungee cord resistance is low impact on joints, while still being a high intensity cardio workout. I had so much fun and I’m happy to report that I was sore in all the right places the next day. Earning the ‘sore’ is always a personal mission of mine for any workout that I do, always makes me feel like I accomplished something – so thank you Tough Lotus for the bungee fun! Can’t wait to go back for some more classes.

Speaking of classes, here are some other local unique workout classes to help mix up your fitness routine:

  • Rock-climbing is a total-body workout: biceps, lats, dets, abs, quads – check! Phoenix Rock Gym offers more than 15,000 square feet of climbing and bouldering.
  • Yoga (with a furry twist) continues to take the world by storm via goat yoga classes. We had the chance to catch up with Arizona Goat Yoga a few months back and try out this very popular yoga trend.
  • Pilates on water? Stand-up paddle boarding on the lake sounds like a great way to soak up some vitamin D while getting your workout on. Go Stand Up Paddle offers boards, lessons and lots of different adventures.
  • FIT4MOM is the leading prenatal and postnatal fitness program in the U.S. Suitable for moms at all fitness levels, the classes offered will key in on helping her flourish – mind, body and spirit.


Encouragement Counts

Sometimes it takes getting a buy-in from others to help you stick to your fitness goals. Maybe it’s finding that friend with a shared love for running or hiking, and planning scheduled workouts together. It’s easy to say, “I’ll workout later” when it’s just you, but much harder to leave a friend waiting on the track or trail.

Other group fitness ideas? Encourage your workplace to offer some sort of onsite fitness classes. It would not only add a fun group fitness element to your work day, but would also support your mission to living a healthy lifestyle while inviting others in to help you stay accountable.

Reward Yourself

This might seem like a tough one. But creating some sort of reward system for accomplishing goals isn’t a silly thing. I recently posted a quote on my Instagram page that said, “Self-care isn’t: selfish, just a rescue remedy, a fad, only for ‘them’, always easy, or negotiable.” That’s so true. We often forget that we can’t pour from an empty well, so finding ways to reward yourself for meeting those fitness goals (however big or small) is a great way to honor and care for yourself.

I’ve found that when you get in the habit of intentionally practicing more self-care, your life becomes less of one huge to-do list and more of a place where you can find abundant meaning and joy.

And that makes the journey well worth it.

Stay healthy, my friends!

Erica Cardenas (@ericacardenas1)