About 34 million people nationwide live with with diabetes and another almost 90 million are in a pre-diabetes condition where they have elevated blood sugars, but not quite to the level of diagnosis.

That’s almost one in two adults at this point who either have diabetes or have a risk for it,

The American diabetes Association is exists to represent all people living with diabetes, whether its type one, type two or gestational diabetes. They provide care, support and education for those living with diabetes, with an ultimate focus areas on finding a cure for diabetes.

They help find better methods of care and make sure people with diabetes are living their healthiest and best lives, along with work on advocacy issues to protect the rights of individuals with diabetes, and a big part of what they do is educate people about the disease and its warning signs, risk factors, and how to take care of themselves.


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To access all of the great tools and resources available from the American Diabetes Association, please visit their website: diabetes.org

Or fee free to call them at: 1-800-DIABETES.

Additional resources:

To get involved in the South East Virginia area, email mcollins@diabetes.org

All of the information is free and available to anyone really anytime day or night.

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