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We Are Really Digging Virginia 811!

Sponsored by Virginia 811

If you are in the state of Virginia, and you plan on turning up dirt this fall- make sure you contact our friends at Virginia 811 first! Even if you’re only digging a few inches deep, you still need to contact them. 

After you reach out to them, head outside with you can of white paint and “white line” your work area. It’s important to do this, because when the locators from Virginia 811 come out to your property, they know exactly where the work is going to be done!

If you’re like Patricia and you’re hiring a contractor to do the work, you also need to make sure that they are contacting 811 before they break ground as well.


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Nikki even gave us this tip: if the contractor wasn’t going to contact 811, perhaps reevaluate your choice in contractors. 

Public lines are lines that go from the main which the city owns. Private lines go from the main to your home. To have private lines marked, you need to find a private locator. You can find private locators on the Virginia 811 website, under the homeowner tab. 

Before you dig, make sure you contact Virginia 811!

For More information: va811.com/

Facebook: VA811

Instagram: 811ofva/

Twitter: va_811

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